Permaculture Design

We are happy to help you design your dream property, with the design centered around your values and desired lifestyle. We can do designs for existing properties, or complete new designs (including architectural design) for new projects.

Biological Soil Restoration

We would love to help bring life back to your soils! Increase garden/orchard yields. Increase nutrient density and flavor. Reduce water consumption. Reduce/eliminate weed pressure. Support plant immune system. Eliminate fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, fungicide costs completely. Lush, green, deep-rooted drought resistant lawns. We do this work at any scale. 1/2 acre lawn? No Problem! 20 acre homestead? We would love to help! Golf coarse? We can save you a ton of money, call us! 10,000 acre farm/ranch? We got you covered!

Live Bee Removal

We do our bee removals 100% by hand, without the use of vacuums or toxic chemicals. We can get bees out of any structure. In particular we have lots of experience with both wood and masonry walls, roofs, irrigation boxes, compost bins, owl boxes, cinder-block walls, and just about any other bee removal project type you can imagine.

Natural Beekeeping Mentoring

Do you want to learn about holistic beekeeping, but want the help and personal attention of someone with years of experience? We would be happy to teach you what we know while assisting with your monthly hive inspections.

Swarm Lures

Protect your home against the possibility of potentially expensive bee removals by providing some easy to swap out bee habitats around your property. When bees move into the lures, give us a call and we will come swap it out with an empty lure.

Live Rattlesnake Removal

Rattlesnakes are a critical, and underappreciated, member of our local ecosystem. Indiscriminately killing rattlesnakes causes massive instability in both the predator and prey populations, leading to years in which there are explosive growth in rattlesnake populations. Living peacefully with the rattlesnakes is important not only for the ecosystem, but indiscriminate killing is putting evolutionary pressure on the rattlesnake population to NOT RATTLE; rather than warning us of their presence, their better survival strategy is to remains still and motionless, which leads to more snakebites. If you encounter a rattlesnake in an inconvenient location, give us a call and we will come relocate the snake for you.


Do you have a mechanical or software engineering project that you think I would be interested in? Contact me. I am available on a consulting or freelance/contract basis.