Appropriate Technology Laboratory

  • We are currently experimenting with advanced cement technologies that would enable advancements in the design and fabrication of regenerative housing and more. More information coming at a later date.
  • We are working on our 3rd generation prototype of a multichannel PID controller that we use for our in-house automation projects. It is capable of controlling output power to inductive loads, and can be controlled from any GPIO interface (such as those found on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other such development boards). If there is sufficient interest, we may sell kits in the future, or potentially open source the hardware and software designs.
  • We are working on next generation designs for flow through biomass gasification systems. This enables the development of energy production systems that are capable of being carbon negative if appropriately designed within a systems context. More information coming at a later date.
  • We are working on our 4th generation prototype of a kitchen scale softgel production system. This allows for the manufacture of herbal supplements directly from water or alcohol extracts of botanical materials that we grow or harvest ourselves. Managing self-care directly from one's own garden is a blessing! If there is sufficient interest we may sell kits along with the softgel formulation we have developed.