Our Mission

To build a better world by providing excellent consulting and freelance services to our clients. Our services include Engineering, Permaculture Design, Biological Soil Restoration, Live Bee Removal, Natural Beekeeping Mentoring, Swarm Lures, & Pollination.

WORLDBuilders.Earth is a purpose driven company. We seek to make our livelihood a benefit to the whole world, both in the goods and services we provide & in the way we do business. We strive to leave the world a better place wherever we go. Our goals include to have the positive externalities of:

  • Biodiversity increase
  • Watershed restoration
  • Soil restoration
  • Pollution remediation
  • Groundwater regeneration
  • Pollinator support
  • Wildlife support
  • Food security
  • Long term carbon sequestration
  • Education about our species ecological relationships
  • Steering modern culture towards a model of sociological-ecological-economic symbiosis.